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The Baby Sleep Safe Commitment

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We are committed to providing products that are safe for babies and user friendly for families. Before we offer a baby product to you we do extensive research as to the need for such a product. When we are developing a prototype we field test with new parents and rely on their feedback, suggestions and questions to guide us toward our finished baby product.

I have enjoyed the journey with Baby Sleeps Safe because it is answering that nagging question in the back of young parents’ minds, “Is my baby sleeping safely and comfortably?” We know as parents we hover around the crib throughout the night to insure our infant is breathing comfortably, is not too cold and is not in need of a diaper change. With Baby Sleeps Safe we meet all three of those concerns.

Your baby will breath comfortably because his/her airway is not hindered by loose blankets, he/she won’t be too cold because the Baby Sleeps Safe Pouch keeps baby snug and warm. If your baby needs a diaper change you can easily unzip the pouch.

For further information on Baby Sleeps Safe please click on the button below. Also, I invite you to visit our product page for our video product demonstration as I am sure you will find comfort in knowing that now there is a product you can use in those first few precious months of your infant’s life that will offer a level of comfort and peace of mind.

Dr. Vicki Folds, President


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I love the Baby Sleep Safe - Keep it up!
Just wanted to say that I love the Baby Sleeps Safe pouch and panel. My baby kicks a lot in his sleep and was always kicking his covers off then waking up cause he was cold. Not a problem anymore. I love it. Thanks for the great invention.
I got my daughter's Baby Sleeps Safe as a gift from my mother and it is great. It eases my worries about her becoming entangled in her blanket or her blanket covering her face in the middle of the night. Thanks so much for easing my worries.
The Baby Sleeps Safe product is a blessing. I don't worry at night when my 3 month old daughter is sleeping all snug and cozy in her Sleep Pouch. I love that it keeps her warm and safe. I have ordered 2 more for baby gifts.
To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to comment on how much we appreciate your product. At about four months my little one decided he would rather sleep on his tummy with his face buried in the mattress. I would wake up several times during the night to flip him over. Needless to say I was getting no sleep and I was terrified of the increased risk of SIDS. Since using Baby Sleeps Safe we all (Daddy too) have been sleeping soundly. I especially like that it allows him the freedom to roll onto his side (which he loves). I was concerned he might get overheated but the sack is well ventilated and he stays comfortable even with a warm sleeper on! I will recommend this product to everyone I know. Thank you so much!
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